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Businesses to Start with 5k KES in Kenya

Starting a business could have so many ups and downs but could be very rewarding in the long run.        

In cases where there is little to no capital to start a business, you can still have hope as there are so many businesses you can start up in the absence of capital in Kenya.      

With 20k, 10k, 5k or as little as 1k KES, there is a business out there that you can start in Kenya.  

If you have 5k KES, it’s nearly impossible to have a steady physical business as you would have a lot of financial limitations. The amount of money is not capable of paying employees, rent for a storefront and so on.       

The solution to starting a successful business with such an amount as 5,000 KES is to have the business online. The internet must become your marketplace.            

One great benefit of having your business online is that not only can you reach people anywhere in Kenya, you can reach anyone anywhere in the world.        

Let’s take a look at what businesses 5k KES can start up in Kenya.  



There are so many platforms on the internet that allow you to work independently, earning money by doing tasks or jobs for others.       

Freelancing is a flexible way of earning a living. 

One common benefit of freelancing is that you can work from home or wherever without reporting to an office. This is one thing that interests a lot of people.          

You can also work as many freelancing jobs as you can with such a flexible schedule.       

All you need to become a freelancer is an internet enabled device like a laptop, internet connection and, of course, the skill required to do the job.       


If you consider yourself as someone that is knowledgeable in a certain field of study, you can offer services as a tutor to someone else or a group of people. They could be children, teenagers or grownups.         

You can offer tutoring services online or in person to people in Kenya as you do not need so much to offer in person classes.          

This is a great way of earning money as you can tutor so many people whenever you like at low costs.            

You are also given a flexible schedule as a tutor. You can work multiple jobs at different times.   

Graphic Designing

As someone with a good skill in Graphic Designing, you could begin a business in Kenya. You can offer your services to people in need of what you can do. You can design business logos, flyers, posters and so on for other people.      

For each service you offer, you can charge an amount that seems suitable to you based on the quality of your work.              

What you need to start this business is a laptop or any other device that is used for Graphic Designing, the suitable software for Graphic Designing, an internet enabled device to communicate with your clients and internet connection.          

Tour Guide 

In the beautiful country of Kenya, there would almost always be tourists around. As someone that has knowledge of the major sights to see and history of the country, why not become a tourist? 

You can offer services to individuals or groups of people at different rates.       

This is a profitable business especially during the holiday period as more people choose to visit Kenya during the holidays.        

Personal Training 

Are you a fitness enthusiast? If you know the ways to get in shape through workouts and diets, this is a great business to start on a budget. 

You can advertise to people around you or online which should not be so hard if you also look the part.                  

You could offer workout classes, dieting plans and other healthy habits to your clients both online and in person.        

This is very profitable and provides you with a flexible schedule.       

Online Coaching

You can become a coach in an area or field you have experience in. It could be dating, marriage, business or career, fitness and so on.           

Lots of people are willing to get help in certain areas of their life and you can be that coach to get them through.           

You can make use of your social platforms to advertise yourself and just like that, you have a business on a budget.            

Selling Potatoes 

This may seem odd but this is a very profitable business if started properly.         

Potatoes are not readily available in some parts of Kenya. What you can do is buy potatoes worth about 2,000 KES, transport them to one of those areas and sell them at a higher cost.        

You can make your money back easily with profit. 

Online Retailing

This is very broad as you can sell whatever depending on the needs of your target audience. 

You can sell cosmetics, beverages, supplies, toiletries, accessories and many more things.     

You can buy items at cheap wholesale prices and begin selling online at a higher cost.    

You can easily promote your business on your social media platforms to get customers.   

Since the business is online, you would have to find a suitable delivery service to transport the bought goods to your customers.      

Jakub Borowiec
Jakub Borowiec
Financial markets enthusiast. I studied management at the University of Economics in Wroclaw.

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