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Garbage collection business in Kenya

One of the most pressing concerns in Kenya today is how to cope with the city’s ever-increasing domestic wastes. The majority of city residents have heard stories of piles of uncollected rubbish in their communities, with inhabitants in low-income regions being the most impacted. The threat has now spread to several portions of the high-end properties. The situation is similar on several city center streets, where waste mounds have been left unaddressed for weeks. This usually causes inconvenience to pedestrians and pollution to the environment.

The administration seems to recognize that the pace at which the city’s citizens generate garbage surpasses their ability to handle it. Given how much we all enjoy our lives; this is a major cause for concern. Taking a large amount of garbage and turning it into a consumable product is both a good deed and a profitable venture. The waste treatment industry’s income is increasing in lockstep with the expanding trash. As a result, tenacious entrepreneurs are flocking to the business and contributing to a favorable social effect in Kenya. Thus, we have made this article on the Garbage collection business in Kenya. Read along as we explore the hidden wealth inside the garbage.

How to start a garbage collection business in Kenya

Garbage dump

Africa creates approximately 70 million tons of garbage each year, as per the World Bank. Kenya accounts for a significant amount of this. As the ordinary Kenyan’s income and purchasing power rises, more things will be consumed, resulting in even more waste. As Kenya’s economy continues to grow and the size and population of its regions expands, the amount of garbage produced is predicted to quadruple in the coming years.

A few astute businesses are converting the massive garbage they generate on a daily basis into profitable goods. It’s such a wonderful concept that benefits both your wallet and the environment! Starting a garbage collection business in Kenya might be an ambitious side job if you’re sturdy and own or can finance a pickup truck or a big van. You could even make a full-time career out of it. There are numerous ways to generate money. This spans from moving individuals and their possessions to those who want to get rid of items and companies that don’t want to pay extra expenses for dumpsters. Come along as we explore the steps on how to start a garbage collection business in Kenya:

1. Locate your vehicle

You’ll need a car when starting a garbage collection business in Kenya. It’s ideal if you can get a huge van or pickup vehicle, but your best bet is to locate a trash truck. Find a secondhand van or vehicle and inquire about the proper business insurance. This is also a good moment to double-check that your own healthcare is protected for this venture.

2. Consider your equipment requirements

If you have a truck, heavy straps will be required to secure the waste. If you have manual trucks, you’ll find that they’re really useful since they allow you to carry hundreds of pounds at once. A ramp that stretches from the ground to the rear of your car may be built or purchased. This will make it easier for you to roll or carry trash up with the handcart. You may also gather a number of old blankets to wrap sensitive objects with. Don’t forget to use packing tape to secure your packages. In case you need to disassemble anything, have a common toolbox in your car.

3. Make a business plan. 

Every undertaking necessitates the creation of a business strategy. In the garbage collection business plan in Kenya, state your intention to start the business, your target market, why your business will be successful, and the business’s features. After that, decide on a pricing plan, a company strategy, and the startup expenses. Finally, there’s the question of how to raise capital for the company. This is also an essential section when drafting a garbage collection business plan in Kenya.

4. Obtain the Required Licenses

In Kenya, each state has its own set of laws and regulations for garbage collection companies. To find out what permissions you may need and how much they can cost, contact the organizations that handle collection and disposal in your state. Garbage collection firms in Kenya, for instance, must get commercial hauling business licenses in several states.

Your gear, facilities, and intended operating techniques will very certainly be inspected by your state. Also, check with your state agencies for rules on authorized dumping methods.

5. Purchase a mobile phone

Nothing is more frustrating than establishing a company and not being able to hear the phone ring. Consider what would happen if your phone didn’t ring because you hadn’t paid your bill or if it was damaged. It’s a good idea to obtain a phone that your prospective customers can use to reach you. It’s also a good idea to buy phone protection in case it is lost or breaks while you’re on the job.

6. Establish a Web Presence

You don’t need a website right away when starting a garbage collection business in Kenya, but social networking is critical. Another option for people to locate and employ you is to create a Facebook profile under your company name. Make sure to request that your customers suggest you, since virtual word-of-mouth is quite important.

7. Perform market research

Before entering the market, you need to have a general sense of how things are going, who your possible rivals are, and what the costing is like. Gather this data and compare it to your expenses. As a result, you’ll have a rough notion of how much money you’ll make. If the competitiveness in a certain area is too fierce, try changing directions and starting a firm in a different sector. Pay close attention to various types of businesses and, as a result, concentrate on a single one.

After that, you should determine whether the waste collection market is large enough to meet your needs. Examine local rubbish removal businesses and speak with entrepreneurs that operate in various cities to learn more. Because they are afraid of attracting new competition, local entrepreneurs are hesitant to share business knowledge. In the next part, we’ll showcase various waste collection businesses in Nairobi to assist you. It’s also a good idea to figure out where you’ll be getting your garbage, such as a landfill, scrap merchants, or junk haulers.

Garbage collection companies in Nairobi

Sanitation and public health are two of the most crucial necessary sectors that should be examined by relevant authorities for their excellent conditions. To ensure that the health problems are of the greatest quality, these regions should be adequately developed. Construction of latrines, trash pits, and regular garbage and waste pickup are some of the services that might help to prevent, avoid, or lessen the negative effects of inadequate sanitation.

Poor sanitation in certain locations may lead to disease outbreaks and epidemics, which can result in mortality, relocation, and other consequences. This will have an impact on the population and, as a result, may result in economic losses. As a result, garbage collection companies in Nairobi have sprung up. This is to guarantee that trash management, rubbish collection, and other associated services are available to mitigate the consequences that waste items strewn about these regions may have. In Nairobi, these firms handle rubbish collection as well as commercial waste disposal.

Here are some garbage collection companies in Nairobi:

1. Garbage Dot Com Ltd

Garbage Dot Com provides residential and commercial customers with high-quality, long-term garbage management services. On pickup day, the firm collects rubbish from residential clients in Nairobi between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. This is in addition to the industrial/commercial clients that come in at 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Since 2003, it has been in the waste collecting industry.

Location: Lusaka Road, Industrial Area.

2. Bins Services Ltd

Bins Services is Kenya’s first rubbish collecting firm. It is dedicated to offering consumers in Nairobi and its vicinity superior rubbish collection and waste management services.

Location: Falcon Road, Off Enterprise Road.

3. Kamtix Group

In Nairobi, Kamtix provides a professional and environmentally friendly waste disposal and collection service. Waste recycling and transport services for companies and residential neighborhoods are provided by the firm across Nairobi.

Location: Kileleshwa.

4. Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd

Clean Edge is one of Nairobi’s most reliable waste collection services, serving residents, hospitals, cafes, and other special institutions. This is on top of all the other business locations that need professional waste pickup.

Location: 5th Avenue Office Suites, Ngong Road.

In essence, there are always residual goods or resources that are regarded as worthless in every sector of human life and reality. Used plastic products, glass, waste leather products, rubber, tin cans, textiles, and other materials are examples of such materials. The types of waste that accumulate as a result of our everyday activities are almost endless. Trash materials are deposited irresponsibly near residential structures, drainage systems, water bodies, and makeshift landfills where there is hardly any waste management, particularly in metropolitan areas, resulting in environmental contamination. Many individuals are unaware that the stench of their garbage has a great deal of value! Waste or trash collecting is one of these attractive options. At this point, the above highlight on how to start a garbage collection business in Kenya will aid you immensely.

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