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Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya

In Kenya, higher institutions produce about 800,000 graduates each year, who then enter the labor market. Fortunately, there are many university degree courses that you can easily find a job with, though some of these courses may be among the highly demanding and most competitive courses in Kenya. 

Some highly demanding courses in Kenya include;

  1. Medicine and Surgery

There is currently a massive shortage of medical practitioners in Kenya. The demand for good quality Healthcare continues to increase. Any student who will study this course is definitely going to have a promising future as a medical doctor with a good pay.

The study of medicine and surgery encourages someone to save lives through medical practices. Medicine and surgery is an essential field of study. This course may present you with the best benefits for its graduates, but there is a difficult price to pay as this is one of the most difficult degrees in any university in Kenya. One advantage of medicine and surgery is that some students can get easily accepted even before graduating. 

For someone to excel in this field they must love reading, research and practicals. They have to be self-motivated and well organized as a medical student. They have to be good at chemistry, biology, and mathematics. The medical course takes at least six years to be completed. The skills required to be a medical student are critical thinking, research, problem-solving and consolidation of knowledge. This is currently the most demanding course in Kenya. 

  1. Mechanical Engineering

For anyone who wants to excel in this course they have to be smart, practical, and creative. They must know how to combine your skills in all the important areas related to your studies. They must be ready to create designs for products, analyze problems, write reports and research. During this course, there are some skills a person will acquire;

  • Development of tools and procedures.
  • Machine designs
  • Creating designs for mechanical systems
  • Conducting tests of engines and other mechanical devices.
  • Researching and generating designs.
  1.  Law

Lawyers are required in both the commercial and governmental sectors in Kenya. Lawyers have to write long essays, and they have to be able to remember every single thing that they have learned. They have to provide accurate presentations on various topics, and passing tests are all part of what students do in law school. This course requires a lot of patience because it takes a long time to complete. Some professions that are available to law students are prosecutors, judges, business lawyers and other professions.

It takes a minimum of four years to complete this course. This is a course that can not be rushed over. A person has to be good at problem-solving, data analysis, and they have to be good at writing. After qualifying with a Bachelor of Law Degree, one must continue at Kenya School of Law to acquire a diploma, if they want to be an advocate.

  1. Engineering in Electrical and Electronics

It takes at least 5 years in some universities in Kenya to complete this course. This course requires several practicals and research. During this course, a person can acquire some skills that they will need to excel in this field. Some of the skills that will be gained are designing of 

Integrated circuit, automation, design, construction, and management of power generation, etc. 

  1. Finance

Another course on the list of highly demanding courses in Kenya is finance. When a person wants to study finance they have to be good with numbers since this course is mostly about economics. Finance requires students to learn all the business rules.

This course offers the student a wide range of financial and managerial skills. This field requires commitment. To excel in this field, a person has to be good at mathematics and statistics. 

  1. Software Engineering Information Technology 

This is another highly demanding course in Kenya. This is actually a stressful degree as you will be responsible for the programming, debugging, and testing of computer programs. You will also need to be creative and have good time management skills. This is a technical course, which means students are required to be skilled in mathematics and programming languages.

  1. Computer Science and Engineering 

Computer science and computer engineering are both highly demanded courses in Kenya. It has a high employment rate and students are required to have both theoretical and practical knowledge to excel in this course.

This degree requires numerous data analysis, which means students are required to be creative and analytical. Being a computer engineer, you must be able to address technological problems. Hence, you will be required to have good problem-solving skills.

  1. Aeronautical Engineering 

This is another course on the list of highly demanding courses in Kenya. In this course, you will learn the composition design and tenants and disposal of aircraft equipment, aircraft, and the associated services used in the aviation industry. This is a very difficult course. In this field, lives are literally in your hands. 

The person that checks and confirms that a plane is good and ready for take-off must be sure about what he is doing. Aeronautical engineers have to be highly trained in personnel, to ensure maximum safety. This field requires a lot of extra effort for someone to succeed. A person is also required to make use of computerized equipment every day.

  1. Architecture

Another course on the list of highly demanding courses in Kenya is architecture. This course requires students to be very creative, good with numbers and be passionate about designs. Some of the most impressive buildings in the world today were developed by architects who thought out of the box.

This course requires a lot of hard work. It takes six years to complete an architecture course. 

  1. Industrial Chemistry 

Industrial chemistry is another course on the list of highly demanding courses in Kenya. Industrial chemistry is a branch of chemistry that applies physical and chemical procedures towards the conversion of raw materials into products that benefit humanity. For this course, you have to be good in sciences.

Best Courses in Kenya

This is a list of some of the best courses in Kenya. They are also the best paying degree courses in Kenya. 

  • Computer Security and Forensics. 
  • Clinical Medicine. 
  • Medicine and Surgery. 
  • Petroleum Exploration and Production. 
  • Quantity Surveying.
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences and Technology. 
  • Business Management. 

Top Courses in Kenya

This list comprises the top courses in Kenya.

  • Software Engineering. 
  • Electronic and computer Engineering. 
  • Architecture. 
  • Medicine.
  • Nursing.
  • Pharmacy. 
  • Quantity Surveying. 
  • Business Information Technology.

The Best Course to Study in Kenya

The best course to study in Kenya today is Medicine and Surgery. In Kenya, there is a massive shortage of medical professionals. 

The demand for top quality healthcare rapidly continues to increase. Anyone that studies this course will definitely have a promising future as a medical doctor with an impressive salary. 

Most Marketable Business Courses in Kenya

A lot of secondary school graduates fail to properly analyze what are the top courses to pursue in universities. For this reason, most of them end up being jobless after they graduate. 

There are numerous business course options to choose from depending on your career goals, specialized interests and level of education. 

The majority of secondary school graduates are not aware of highly demanding courses in Kenya. There are many business courses in Kenya, but not all of them are marketable. This is a list of some of the best and the most marketable business courses in Kenya. 

  1. Accounting and Finance 

This is the highest paying and most marketable business course today in Kenya.

A degree in this course aims to teach students how to produce financial reports by following the accounting standards and procedures, and also carry out audits. 

  1. Business Administration 

This is one of the best business courses in Kenya.

Students that study this course can find jobs in banks, insurance companies, audit firms, law firms and any other sector that needs professionals with marketing, finance, and accounting skills. Some careers that can be pursued with a degree in business administration include; 

  • Accountant.
  • Marketer.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Human resources specialist. 
  • Entrepreneur. 
  • Business consultant. 
  1. Financial Engineering 

This is another course on the list of the most marketable business courses in Kenya. This course provides students with many challenges and benefits.  

Financial engineers solve the financial issues for companies. Financial engineers make use of numerous mathematical techniques, methods of analysis, and testing tools. They are usually involved with portfolio management, risk management, trading, and corporate finance. 

  1. Business Information Technology 

This course offers the practical study of the applications and procedures of IT and how it is applied for the benefit of business. 

  1. Commerce

This is one of the most competitive degree courses in Kenya. There are several companies in Kenya that employ bachelor of commerce graduates either as part-time or full-time employees. It normally takes four years to complete this course, but some students complete it in three years.

  1. Business Management
  2. Operations Management and Supervision
  3. Credit Management
  4. Management Science

The highly demanding courses in Kenya require a lot of commitment and hard work to pursue them. The process of acquiring these degrees may be stressful, but after you graduate, you can find a job easily in any part of the world.

Jakub Borowiec
Jakub Borowiec
Financial markets enthusiast. I studied management at the University of Economics in Wroclaw.

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