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How to get free products to review

Businesses and vendors, in a bid to enhance customer satisfaction, make room for customers to give feedback on products they purchase; this is called PRODUCT REVIEW. This feedback is often aimed at building trust in the hearts of prospective customers as it provides better insight into the product as well as throwing light into any issue the product might have, in order to help the company, rectify it as soon as possible. The good image this brings to the brand cannot be overemphasized.

As the likelihood of customers giving this review is really low, companies now offer their products freely to those who could help them with honest reviews, these people are referred to as “product testers”. So, basically, you could get products delivered to your doorstep for free just for you to use and give feedback. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it actually is true.

What Kind of Products can you review?

Every product that can be paid for can be reviewed. The products you can review properly are the products you can relate to; the products you use. As a man, for instance, you cannot review a new set of makeup products (except you are a makeup artist). Products ranging from regular household goods to beauty products, sportswear to snacks and even supplements can be reviewed.

Brands such as coca-cola, amazon, Kellogs, Expedia, sony music, FIAT, CBS often give out products for testing, so if you venture into this product testing line, you should be ready to work with these big names, Some of the best free product testing tools are Xenu’s Link Sleuth, Clip2net, PicPick, Firebug, and Apache jmeter.

How are product reviews carried out?

Since the aim of a product review is to give insight into the product, it is imperative that the review is done properly and presented in such a way that it captures every necessary detail. In a good product review, the writer of the review should Discuss how they came to like the product and share their first (and subsequent) impressions as regards usage of the product, share their experience with the product, create a list of the product’s true advantages and disadvantages.

How to become a product tester?

To begin, you’ll need to register with a market research organization that performs at-home product testing. After you’ve done that, the market research organization will give you screener emails to fill out in order to check if you’re qualified for any of their current product testing positions.

When you complete their screener survey, they will tell you whether you are eligible or not. Let’s imagine a company is searching for someone to test out their new sports kits; if you don’t engage in sporting activities, you won’t be eligible. If you do, you’ll be considered for the product testing position.

Once you’ve been given permission to test the product, the brand will contact you for your address so that they may send you the product to try out for a week or two. After that, they’ll send you an email asking for feedback on the product you’ve tried. You get paid when you’re finished!

Keep the following tips in mind when you register for a product review on any market research platform;

You should always be on guard to pick up surveys when they are mailed to you so that you can complete them before the invite is filled up as you would not be eligible to join in the testing if this happens.

Make sure you tell the truth in your reviews as this is exactly what the companies want to hear. In fact, they are more interested in the cons than the pros, so you would be doing a disservice to the company if you hide the faults in their product when you make your review. You risk losing the product testing gig and even getting kicked out of the platform for this. So, be as honest as possible.

Do not rush through a survey sent to you by a company. If you give the product review panellists the impression that you hurried through the survey, they will not utilize it. Your responses will appear to be untruthful and unusable, resulting in your removal from the program and the loss of any money you have earned. So, be calm and collected in your responses.

Register for multiple product testing programs. Why?? Is it not obvious??? The more product testing websites you join; the more opportunities you’ll have to participate in current product testing initiatives, Always sought out the best product testing tools for products that would necessitate their use.

Fill out your relevant data on each product testing website when you join up. This allows market research organizations to determine which product review surveys are best for you and which you are most likely to qualify for.

Most of the products you will be reviewing are products that have not been released to the market yet, so confidentiality is a very important soft skill you must possess. You should, by no means and under any circumstance, reveal information about any product you were chosen to review, as this will lead to you getting booted out of the campaign and subsequently losing your supposed earning.

How to get compaines to send you stuff to review

All you have to do to get companies to send you stuff to review is sign up for the ones that interest you, and they will send you free products that they have so you can provide your honest opinion on the items. Because different companies will have different free stuff throughout the year, it’s a good idea to join up for multiple companies to become a product tester. Some companies will provide you with tailored made tools for product testing.

The following are websites where you can register to review products;


PinchMe was founded to allow its users to try a variety of items from some of the world’s most well-known companies. All of their trial items are free since all they want is for your honest feedback on the various products. This site, which has over 6 million users, is one of the finest for getting legitimate free things to review.

When you create a PinchMe account, you will become a member of their community and will be eligible to get free stuff. After you’ve signed up, you’ll need to fill out your profile questionnaire. This part is crucial since the sort of free items you receive will be determined by your responses to the questions.

They also have a “Sample Tuesday” event where you may qualify for free samples. To participate, RSVP to PinchMe’s Facebook event and then assemble your sample box on the PinchMe website, which will be loaded with free goods to evaluate.

survey junkie

Survey Junkie is an e-commerce research organization that is great to work with when you want to receive free things to review and test. When you join survey junkie as an influencer and product tester, you will have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts in order to assist firms to produce better services and goods.

This site not only allows you to become a product tester but also allows you to complete other surveys and earn money while on the road. You may get paid via PayPal for the numerous goods you review and surveys you complete at Survey Junkie, which is one of the most well-known survey sites.

When you join Survey Junkie, you’ll be part of a community of millions of individuals who like giving their thoughts in exchange for gift cards or PayPal cash. So, if you’re searching for a free way to start rating things, Survey is a wonderful place to start.

Pinecone Research 

Pinecone Research is one of the most well-known and respected market research firms. Pinecone Research is unique in that it allows you to be the first to test and review a wide range of products.

This website will send you several things for free to review, and you will be compensated in points. These points can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards, for example. Furthermore, the Pinecone Research team aims to keep studies as brief as possible in order to make them more useful for its users. The majority of surveys and product studies will last 15 to 20 minutes.

Daily Goldie Box 

Check out Daily Goodie Box if you’re looking for an excellent company to acquire free things to review or for free product testing. On their website, this company features daily gift boxes that you may check out. To become a member, all you need to do is sign up.

The wonderful thing about Daily Goodie Box is that they will send you a box for free in exchange for your honest feedback on the box you get. They’ll send your box review to the brand after they receive it. Your feedback will assist the brand in developing better products.


Ibotta is an e-commerce platform where you can save money on grocery shopping by selecting them on the platform and purchasing them at your local store. But do you know that you can also get free products to review on there as well? Yes, you can

You could also locate offers with other firms who give free things on a regular basis. Joining this app is a great gain since you can not only get money back on your weekly grocery purchases, but you can also locate firms that will give you free things to review.


You can acquire things to review and free product testing from some of your favourite brands with BzzAgent. You will have the opportunity to express your true feelings and to tell others about your true experience.

In order to be a part of the BzzAgent community, you must apply to be a product tester on their website. Once you’ve been accepted and completed your profile, keep a lookout for possibilities that may arrive in your mailbox immediately.

If you are accepted for research, you will get an email from BzzAgent informing you that your sample is on its way to the address you provided at registration. After you’ve received your product, it’ll be time to put it through its paces and give your honest feedback.

Finally, you will be able to share your thoughts and experiences with the product.

Amazone Vine 

Amazon Vine is one of the most well-known review sites, and as an official Amazon Vine Voice insider, you’ll receive free goods to test at home. This is an invite-only program, and you will be able to provide feedback on pre-release and new goods to assist their consumers in making the best selection possible.

Individuals that are welcomed into this program are chosen based on a variety of factors, the most important of which is the usefulness of the many evaluations that they give on other items. When a client leaves nice evaluations on many occasions and demonstrates competence in a certain product category, they have a good probability of being welcomed into the program.

Amazon provides free items to testers through this program, which are offered by various merchants. When you share your opinion on the free items, Amazon will never alter or amend your review, so your opinion will never be changed publicly. Keep in mind that you must also follow Amazon’s posting standards. Vendors, studios, manufacturers, and others send Amazon free things to evaluate. So, if you’re interested in reviewing things for Amazon, have a look at their Vine Voices program.

JJ Friends & Neighbors 

JJ Friends and Neighbors is a Johnson & Johnson customer impression initiative. To get free items to review from this site, you must be at least 18 years old. If you have children who want to participate, you may receive an invitation to do so with your permission.

It is completely free to join this programme, and you will not be charged anything to join and evaluate free items. All invites to join a study will be delivered to you through email after you have become a member. You may also seek focus group studies, discussion forums, and online surveys in addition to reviewing free things.


SheSpeaks is the world’s largest network of women who evaluate items, discuss their ideas and collaborate with companies. They think that women’s voices should be heard and that they can make a difference in the world today.

When you register for this site, you will be able to give your thoughts on current events and participate in several surveys.

Makeup samples, skincare goods, kitchen supplies, and other complementary products may be available for you to evaluate.

Others include; The Pink Panel, Homeschool, Influencester and lots more.

Free Clothes for Review

Most clothing businesses, such as Nike, Rebook, Adidas, and New Balance, may offer you free clothing and/or shoes in return for a review, based on your demographic and a few other things.

Finding free clothes can be difficult, but some of your best options are just joining a lot of those product testing panels or searching the freebie sections on Facebook, Craigslist, and other similar sites And with those product testing groups, even if you don’t think you fit the demographic, don’t worry because the worst thing they can do is disregard your request!


Companies are always looking for means to make their brands bigger and win the trust of their customers hence the quest for constant improvement. One of the most reliable ways of improvement is by finding out the areas where their product is lacking and getting honest reviews from those who have used the product is the most efficient way to get this information; hence the need for product testers.

These brands pay you for the review and some brands even let you keep the product after the review.

You just have to give a proper review and be consistent at it and it could turn out to be a very great side hustle. Some free tools are available for product testing,you canas well pay a token to be able to use all features.

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