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Is Analytical Chemistry Marketable in Kenya

Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the separation, identification and quantification of matter. Analytical chemistry is the art and science of ascertaining what matter is and how much of it exists. In analytical chemistry qualitative and quantitative problems are solved.

Analytical chemistry is marketable in Kenya, but it is not as marketable as medicine. In Kenya, there are several industries where analytical chemists can get jobs. In Kenya every course can be marketable.

It is not very easy for an analytical chemist to find a job in Kenya. For an analytical chemist to find good jobs after graduating they must have good grades in college. 

Analytical chemistry has two branches which are;

  • Quantitative analysis, this is the method of ascertaining the absolute or relative quantity of one or more substances.
  • Qualitative analysis, this deals with the determination of the quality of a particular substance or concentration.

Analytical chemistry is applied in pharmaceutical industries, food factories, agricultural industries, chemical industries and in scientific laboratories. 

Some important applications of analytical chemistry are;

  • Analytical chemists determine the shelf life of medicines.
  • With analytical chemistry soil can be examined to check for appropriate concentrations of minerals and nutrients that aid plant growth.
  • Analytical chemistry is an important part of forensic science, environmental analysis and clinical analysis.
  • With analytical chemistry, the contaminants in a given food sample can be determined.
  • With analytical chemistry, the concentration of pesticide residue can be determined.

Analytical chemistry plays an essential role in our everyday life. Withe analytical chemistry we can determine the amount of toxic waste in the human body like drugs, cholesterol, some salts and uric acid. Analytical chemistry helps with the measurement of simple medical tests like urine ketones, serum cholesterol and blood sugar level. 

Analytical chemistry has four major areas. These areas are acid-base methods, chromatography, potentiometry and spectroscopy.

Is Industrial Chemistry Marketable in Kenya

Industrial chemistry is very marketable in Kenya. Industrial chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the application of physical and chemical processes towards the conversion of raw materials into products that benefit humanity. It takes four years to complete an industrial chemistry degree

Industrial chemistry has assisted in the discovery and evolution of many new and improved synthetic paints, fibres, cosmetics, adhesives, drugs, and other products. Industrial chemistry has also aided in the improvement of oil refining and petrochemical processing procedures that save energy and reduce pollution.

An industrial chemist through quantitative and qualitative analysis studies physical and chemical properties of organic and inorganic substances to ascertain their composition and with this information they can produce new substances and products for all kinds of industries. They develop and manufacture products and procedures that will increase their company’s sales and profits.

An industrial chemist designs, runs, analyses and improves the procedures of chemical and material production on an industrial scale. Industrial chemistry is the hands-on application of various chemical principles and processes. Industrial chemists normally work in chemical plants and laboratories across a broad range of industries.

Industrial chemistry is a good course to pursue because of the high demand in the employment field. It is a career that pays well each month, it has a very promising future. It takes four years to complete an industrial chemistry degree. Industrial chemistry has led to the growth of industries like glass, plastics, paints, etc.

Industrial chemistry has played a major role in the improvement of the Kenyan economy. Citizens of Kenya are able to enjoy several products because of the application of industrial chemistry. 

Analytical Chemistry Jobs in Kenya

Pursuing a job in analytical chemistry means that you will be figuring out how final products are put together. Being an analytical chemist means that you will be putting pieces together and figuring out how products come together.

Analytical chemists ascertain the structure, composition, and nature of substances by studying and identifying their various elements or compounds. Analytical chemists usually have service-related jobs, and they are normally employed in academia, government and industry. You should have an in-depth knowledge of instrumentation, computers and statistics. If you have a logical, independent mind and the ability to solve problems, you will definitely succeed in this field. 

In Kenya there are a lot of analytical chemistry jobs. Some analytical chemistry jobs in Kenya are environmental chemist, research associate, lab analyst, quality control officer, laboratory technologist, quality assurance technician, chief chemist, lab technician, quality analyst, research scientist, laboratory manager, etc.

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