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Is Community Health and Development Marketable in Kenya?

Community health and development is a very marketable course in Kenya. A community needs help every day in terms of health activities. It is not very difficult to get a job in this field. There are Government organizations like the Red Cross that employ community health workers. 

Community health workers are members of a community that work either as volunteers or they work for paying associations that are with the local health care system. 

In Kenya, a community health worker’s salary ranges from Ksh. 20,900 to Ksh. 124,900 per month. Their salary also depends on their rank or level of education. 

Diploma in community health and development is intended to equip students with knowledge skills and attitudes that will enable them to perform properly and manage development activities in the society.

Community development is intended to facilitate people in working together to influence and provide the community with a brighter future.

The objective of a community health and development course is to equip students with the skills and knowledge on the patterns of diseases, organization, and administration of different health care services that may be provided to a community.

Diploma in Community Health Salary in Kenya

A diploma in community health program is designed to address disease prevention, prolonging of life and the development of health through organized efforts of society. 

The aim of the diploma in community health program is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to identify population health needs and to improve policies and actions to develop public health.

Some skills required to pursue a career in this field include;

  • Planning skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Team spirit.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Integrity as a quality.

The objective of diplomas in community health programs is to prepare students for critical thinking and Industry-based approaches. Students will be able to understand the community health techniques and market expectations, and students will also be able to learn how to communicate effectively.

The average salary for a diploma in community health ranges from Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 92,000 per month.

Is Health Records Marketable in Kenya?

Health records is one of the most marketable diploma medical courses in Kenya, especially when the government employs you. 

Every health facility needs to have records of patients’ information, available products and many other important information that needs to be recorded. The ability to retrieve information when it is needed calls for the need to hire qualified people for that position. This course normally takes about 4 years. Some universities that offer this course are Kenyatta University, JKUAT, and Mount Kenya University. 

Health is the number one priority for every individual. Good quality treatments can be delivered to patients based on their health records just provided by health records offices in the area. Professional record keeping is needed in any medical facility to improve the hospital functionality. 

Many medical facilities invest in professional health record keeping services. In Kenya, the average salary of a health record-keeping officer is Ksh. 147,777 per month including allowances.

Health records is a very marketable field in Kenya due to the availability of numerous hospitals in Kenya. 

Health records are in high demand since they are the basis of any treatment in any medical facility. 

Some roles of health record technicians include;

  • Keeping records of patients admissions transfers and discharges.
  • Booking appointments for patients.
  • Keeping records of illnesses and treatments on patients records.
  • Organizing health information.
  • Management of health information data by ensuring maximum accuracy.

Health records is a good course of choice because it is one of the best medical careers that anyone can pursue. This course provides you with many job opportunities.

Is Medical Engineering Marketable in Kenya?

Medical engineering is one of the most marketable medical degree courses in Kenya. Medical engineering is a process of expecting medical equipment to ensure that it is in good condition, and it is safe to use.

To provide proper Healthcare services, hospitals are increasingly relying on a wide range of medical equipment. 

This course combines engineering skills with medical knowledge and understanding of how the human body works in numerous stages. This type of engineering is concerned with the development of health care.

In Kenya, the average salary for medical engineering ranges from Ksh. 43,000 to Ksh. 200,000 each month, inclusive of all monthly allowances.

In Kenya, certificate holders in medical engineering earn an average salary of Ksh. 45,00 each month, inclusive of all allowances. 

Diploma in medical engineering can be pursued as any medical institution. In Kenya, the average salary of diploma holders in medical engineering is Ksh. 78,000 per month, inclusive of all the benefits like housing allowances.  

Medical engineering is a very marketable course in Kenya due to the availability of numerous job opportunities, making medical engineering services to be in high demand.

In Kenya, most people regard medical courses to be the most prestigious and marketable, which is true because there’s a massive shortage of medical practitioners in Kenya.

This field combines the design and problem-solving skills of Engineering with medical Sciences. This field of study seeks to promote health care treatments including diagnosis therapy and monitoring.

Diploma in Community Health Nursing Salary in Kenya

Community health nursing is the combination of nursing and public health practices applied to improve and protect the health of the population. It unified the basic elements of expert clinical nursing with public and community practice.

A major role of community health nurses is to provide treatments to patients. Community health nurses also offer education to community members about maintaining their health so that they can reduce the occurrence of diseases and deaths.

Community health nurses plan educational assemblies, hand out flyers, conduct health screenings, give out medications, and administer immunizations. They also distribute health related items.

Some health problems that community health nurses try to reduce or eliminate include;

  • Infectious diseases.
  • STIs.
  • Obesity.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Smoking.
  • Teenage pregnancy.

Community health nurses work in hospitals, community centers, government health agencies, schools, and clinics. They are important to regions where healthcare is not easily available. Community health nurses travel to remote places and isolated areas of cities. 

The salary for diploma in community health nursing in Kenya starts from Ksh. 91,900 per month.

Certificate in Community Health Nursing Salary In Kenya

Community nursing merges evidence-based research with community health needs to provide the necessary care based on science and evidence. They must ascertain the cultural and socio-economic needs of the community and adjust care as required.

Community health nursing is mostly practiced in geographic locations such as cities and rural areas. 

If a person wishes to become a community health nurse, they must first work as a registered nurse.

The objective of community health nursing is to improve, protect and preserve the health of the public. It involves the following basic concepts:

  • Prevention of disease and health problems. 
  • Provision of direct care.
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Conducting research to improve Healthcare.
  • Educating the community about managing a clean environment and making healthy choices.
  • Instituting health and wellness programs.

A certificate level community health nursing is the lowest level of education. However, the practitioners on the certificate level community health nursing still get good pay. The salary for certificate in community health nursing in Kenya starts from Ksh. 20,900 per month.

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