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Is earningcash.co legit?

With a lot of nations in difficult economies, people are struggling to make a living for themselves, and most of them want easy ways out until things become better.

At the peak of the pandemic, most especially, a lot of people faced the tragedy of losing their jobs. They saw no hope out of their situation. People had bills to pay, rents to pay, tuition fees to pay, loans and so on. These reasons of course would have most people in desperate need of money. Also, a lot of people do not want to work hard enough to earn money. That is where platforms like EarnCash.co come in. 

EarningCash.co has promised an easy way out of the struggles. They claim people can get paid just by answering a few questions per day (surveys), watching videos, playing games, testing websites or downloading apps and inviting friends and family to do the same. There are different strangely outrageous amounts tied to the completion of these simple tasks as well as a bonus for signing up, which is free. Members are allowed to cash out their rewards after fulfilling a certain amount of tasks, according to the website. These claims are not believed by a lot of people, especially with reviews seen on the internet by others who have experience with EarningCash.co as well as similar platforms with similar promises. 

EarningCash.co claims to have popular influencers and big names working for them. This claim has been proven false by bloggers and researchers. Is EarningCash.co a legit money-making platform or are they in existence to lure people under the pretence of making them money but collecting sensitive information from users? 

Is EarningCash.co Legit?

The home page of EarningCash.co is filled with screenshots of payments and four to five-star reviews which I believe is there in order to convince internet users that their platform is legit. This of course mostly does the opposite of what they intend it to do. Legit money making platforms should see no need in having to prove their legitimacy. 

These reviews and proof of payments include the dates they were made. From research, these prove to be inaccurate as the date the website was created appeared to be much time after these given dates. This clearly shows that these payments were fabricated to deceive users. 

Another claim displayed on their homepage is an excellent rating of 4.7 stars from 1,035 reviews on Trustpilot. This claim comes back false as there are no reviews or ratings whatsoever on the Trustpilot platform under the EarningCash.co section. 

The EarningCash.co website also appears to be a clone of some illegitimate websites that have the exact same words in their claims and promises just as EarningCash.co does. This is straight-up plagiarism from whoever their source website is. 

Getting past the signup section of the website, the tasks and amounts for each task are revealed as well as the signup bonus of $50, lists of applications to download, lists of surveys to take and the cash out section with requirements for cashing out. For members to be able to cash out their money, there are certain things required of them to do like having a certain number of clicks on their referral link, a particular number of times a task is done and so on. Accomplishing these, as expected, does not enable members to cash out. No amount of tasks done get members to the cash-out point and if it eventually does, it does not work. Members spend hours and hours taking surveys, posting and referring, downloading apps and so on in hopes that the money being displayed as their reward would be paid. Unfortunately, EarningCash.co does not eventually pay these rewards to members. 

EarningCash.co is definitely not a legit money-making platform. Earning money just can not be that free. EarningCash.co actually is not a free platform as members are basically paying a lot of their precious time in exchange for false promises and no money. 

EarningCash.co Reviews

There are a number of blog articles and videos out there giving reviews both fake and truthful ones. The fake reviews of course are fabricated to deceive people but fortunately, the honest ones outnumber them. It is left to users to be smart about the choices they make on the internet. Sadly, a lot of people are fooled into believing the claims made by EarningCash.co and its network of scam platforms which leads them to the high hopes of members being thrown and smashed to the ground. 

EarningCash.co does not intend on paying money to anyone no matter how much time is wasted on accomplishing tasks. Most likely, none of its fellow scam platforms will. 

EarningCash.co as well as other scam websites and platforms basically gather sensitive information like email, phone number, card details and so on from their members and sell them out to third party companies. This procedure is referred to as data harvesting. All the information collected is eventually sold out to spammers. That is actually how they generate their money and none of that money is going to their members. This can also lead to identity theft and hacking. 

Reviews state that the owner of the platform is unknown, thereby having no one to put the blame on. 

Reviewers recommend people to not use this platform and if you must, do not use your real information as it can be used to spam and hack into accounts of the users. If users have already given out their information, it is advised that they change the passwords to their accounts. 

There is a large network of scam websites out there with fake promises giving false hope to people in desperate need of a way out of their struggles. This causes the few legit money-making platforms out there to not get any users as it is mostly believed that all of them are a scam. 

It is very important that people carry out adequate research before joining such platforms and going ahead to invite friends or family to join in. 

Rather than considering joining platforms like these, people should make research on other legit ways of making money online.

Jakub Borowiec
Jakub Borowiec
Financial markets enthusiast. I studied management at the University of Economics in Wroclaw.

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