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Is International Relations Marketable in Kenya

International Relations is a marketable course in Kenya but it is not as marketable as some other popular courses. International relations is the study of the interaction between nations and the interaction between international organizations and certain subnational entities such as political parties, interest groups, etc. 

International relations is related to various academic departments, including geography, political science, economics, law, history, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. 

Kenya maintains good relations with several nations around the world. Its closest relationships are with its fellow Swahili speaking neighbors. Kenya’s Swahili speaking neighbors include the Eastern African Community such as Burundi, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Democratic Republic of Congo is also part of its closest ties because of the significant Swahili speaking population. 

Studying international relations means that you will have the opportunity to sustain positive diplomatic relations between nations, prevent international conflicts, and you will also be able to make sure that things run smoothly between governments. 

International Relations and Diplomacy Jobs in Kenya

Diplomacy is a subset of international relations. Diplomacy is normally focused more around the procedures of conducting negotiations between different countries or different organizations from different countries. 

The international relations and diplomacy profession focuses more on maintaining positive relationships between nations. 

Some international relations and diplomacy jobs include;

  • Diplomat. Being a diplomat means that a person has the opportunity of representing and protecting a nation’s interests in terms of politics, trade, etc.
  • Intelligence Specialist. A person can work in the military, navy, national security departments of any state departments of national government agencies. 
  • Political Analyst. It is normally the Government that will employ a political analyst, but political analysts can find job opportunities at research institutes or media companies.

The average salary for international relations and diplomacy jobs is approximately Ksh. 145,000 per month including allowances. 

International Relations Jobs Salary in Kenya

International relations is the study and practice that focuses on understanding the unique relationships that exist between various nations and cultures. These relationships have an impact on international politics, international laws, diplomacy, governance, and economics. 

For international relations jobs, the average salary is Ksh75,000 per month. This is the amount gotten after deductions like tax have been made. 

International relations jobs salary in Kenya can vary depending on different factors like location, work experience, gender, education level, skills, job title, etc. Someone with more work experience is more likely to earn more than the average salary.  

An international relations specialist’s average salary is Ksh.178,999 per month including allowances. An international relations specialist is someone who has specialized in a particular field of international relations such as politics, economics, etc.

Some international relations jobs in Kenya include ;

  • Advocacy and External Coordinator at the International Rescue Committee. 
  • Lecturer in International relations at Corporate Staffing, Nairobi. 
  • Manager, International Relations and Diplomacy at the Kenya Revenue and Authority. 
  • International Affairs at Physicians for Human Rights, Nairobi.
  • International Relations Officer at the Kenyatta University, Teaching and Referral.
  • Political Affairs Officer at Office of Counterterrorism, Nairobi. 
  • Humanitarian Affairs Officer.
  • Regional Humanitarian Coordinator.
  • Resettlement Assistant.
  • Kenya Government Relations Specialist.
  • Strategy advisor.
  • External Action Policy Officer.
  • Head of Advocacy and Communications, Africa Region.

Universities Offering International Relations in Kenya

International relations is a good career with many job opportunities that a person can specialize in. International relations are worth studying as it is not only a national job but also an international job. With this fact, a person does not have to worry too much about getting a job after studying. 

International relations is a marketable course because the demand for people with an international relations degree continues to increase, especially as the world is experiencing unexpected changes and events. This course provides you with insights and flexibility to adapt to various career paths.

International relations is a broad course, this can help to expand your expertise and get you ready for the workforce. Some majors and minors that complement an international relations degree include political science, anthropology, legal studies, history, sociology, etc.

Some universities offering international relations in Kenya include;

  • University of Nairobi. This is one of the best universities in Kenya offering international relations. It was established under the Universities Act 2012 of the laws of Kenya. 
  • Riara University is a private institution that offers international relations. 
  • Daystar University is one of the top private universities in Kenya offering international relations. 
  • Strathmore University is an institution offering international relations programs that will prepare students who wish to work in international organizations, diplomacy NGOs and global corporations. 
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