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Make $200 a Day by Posting Ads

There are a lot of ways someone can make money online. Making money online is not that difficult. 

In most cases, you might have to put in a few hours of work. One way you can make money online is by posting ads.

Make Money Posting Ads Online

Making money by posting ads is very simple and anyone can do it as long as you have a social media platform, a blog and ad posting software. 

You can post pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click ads are one of the most common types of internet advertising. You will get paid by an advertiser once someone clicks on their ad. You can sell ads on your blogs. You can sell text links on your blog. You could also try using pop-ups.

Posting ads is a profitable way to make money online and it can be even more profitable when you are earning money by posting ads on certain online platforms like Facebook, YouTube channels or blogs.

Make Money Posting Ads Online

Make $200 a day by Posting Ads 

Anyone can make $200 or even more a day There are several ways to make $200a day by posting ads online and posting ads is one of them.

There are several ways someone can make $200 a day by posting ads online. Some of these include:

  • Displaying ads on your websites,
  • Posting ads on Facebook for your clients,
  • Doing sponsored posts, etc.

Posting ads is a very easy task that a person could start today and be successful, but you can’t be successful in just one day. You will need to put in some work and be persistent. 

Make $200 a Day by Posting 3 Ads on Craigslist 

There are countless ways to make money by posting ads online and one method is posting 3 ads on Craigslist. Craigslist is a classified site and a lot of people use Craigslist in a day which means that you will most likely get more money from posting ads on Craigslist than from any other site.

Before you can start to make money posting ads on Craigslist you will need to create a Craigslist account and for you to be able to receive payment you will need a PayPal account. After doing this you are ready to start posting ads on Craigslist. 

Even though it is easy to start posting ads on Craigslist you will have to be careful so that you do not violate Craigslist terms of service. If you violate their terms of service and regulations ads can be banned from Craigslist. To avoid this, your ads should remain relevant and interesting, your ads are not very repetitive and you do not post a lot of ads within a short amount of time. 

However, posting ads on Craigslist is not free. The cost of posting ads on Craigslist ranges from as low as $7 to as high as $75 but the cost depends on your location and the types of ads you will be posting. 

You can post 3 ads on Craigslist. You are only allowed to post in 3 cities maximum per day on Craigslist. Craigslist has hundreds of cities available to post your ads in. You can post 3 ads every day either in the morning or in the evening, it is your choice.

Make Money Posting Ads for Companies

Posting ads for companies is a very profitable job where you can earn enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle. Posting ads online is a good source of passive income. You could even earn more than you would earn when working a 9 to 5 job.

A lot of companies have moved from advertising in magazines, newspapers and billboards to advertising their business online. There are a lot of internet users in the world today. A lot of companies have realized that online content reaches a lot of consumers easily. 

There are many ways to make money by posting ads for companies. A lot of large and small companies are continuously looking for ways to get more customers for their companies and increase their sales. They rely on people to promote their business and advertise to friends and acquaintances. 

Paid opportunities can come from online companies looking for new customers. There are several ways you could receive payments to post ads like:

  • Receiving free products in exchange for promoting the company. 
  • Receiving monthly allowance for posting ads for a company.
  • Get commission for each person that says you referred them to the company. 

The more you refer people, the more commission you will make just for posting an ad. 

There are a lot of places where you can post ads for companies to earn money. Some of them are:

On Your Website of Blog

Starting your blog is a good way to make passive income. It takes quite some time to completely set up and promote your blog so you need to be persistent and put in the work. 

It also takes time to create valuable content, make deals with companies and rank on search engines. 

When your blog viewers click on the ads you have posted on your blog, you will receive a commission from the companies for advertising their products. In some cases, you can get paid when someone just views your blog which means you can earn money even when you are sleeping. 

Doing Affiliate Marketing 

With affiliate marketing you can help market and promote the company products, typically using affiliate links where you can get a commission when a person purchases the product you are advertising or when they sign up for a course using the link you have provided for them at no extra cost to them.

Your viewers can get a discount while you get paid because of the affiliate link.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it usually involves three parties which are:

  • The company, 
  • You, the affiliate marketer, and
  • The consumers.

Affiliate marketing can be highly profitable for all parties when it is done right. The amount of money you will earn varies with the company you are dealing with. Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money by posting ads for companies. 

Creating Sponsored Posts 

Another good way to earn money by posting ads online is by making sponsored posts. These are special posts that a company pays you to post on your social media platforms or blogs.

The amount of money you earn from a sponsored post depends on the company you are dealing with. This is a very useful method especially if you have a website or a blog.

Using Ad Networks 

There are several ad Networks you can use to earn money when posting ads for companies. Some good examples of ad networks are:

  • Google Adsense: this ad network connects all parties involved in online ads allowing each member involved to make money.
  • Exotic,
  • Monumetric,
  • Mediavine, etc.

Setting Up an Ad Agency 

This is a very profitable way to start posting ads for companies and make money. You need to have a good amount of knowledge of advertising to start an ad agency. 

There are different types of ad agencies:

  1. Creative ad agency. 
  2. Branding ad agency. 
  3. Social media ad agency.
  4. Traditional ad agency.
  5. Digital ad agency.
  6. Public relations ad agency. 
  7. Media buying ad agency.

It can be quite tricky when you want to start your ad agency but if you do it right you can start earning money by posting ads for companies. 

Posting Ads on Pinterest 

Pinterest is becoming one of the biggest social media platforms that entrepreneurs can use to increase their sales. 

Ads can be posted as pins on Pinterest and you can start making money from sponsorship.

A lot of consumers use Pinterest to find solutions without having a particular brand in mind. When posting ads on Pinterest you have to make sure that you make use of the proper keywords so that your ads can show in related pins or search results. 

There are different types of Pinterest ads that you can use for your clients:

  • Buyable pins
  • Promoted carousel 
  • Promoted pins
  • Promoted video pins
  • Promoted app pins
  • Promoted story pins

Posting Ads on YouTube 

The largest online video sharing platform is Youtube. For you to make money from posting ads for companies on YouTube you will need to have an active YouTube channel. You also have to be creating interesting and creative videos that attract viewers. 

You need to read the monetization policy on YouTube and get a proper understanding of all the requirements to get paid for posting ads.

You will need to get involved in the YouTube Partner Program if you want to monetize your YouTube channel.

Other ways you can make money by posting ads for companies on YouTube are:

  • Selling merchandise.
  • Fan funding.
  • Creating sponsored content. 

When posting ads online to make money, you need to put in enough work and you need to be persistent and patient. 

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