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Sweets business in Kenya

Do you have an idea to start a candy or sweets business in Kenya? This article will help you determine if a sweets business in Kenya is profitable and marketable. It also reviews a sweets/candy business plan so you have an idea of what is expected in your sweets business plan. Information about where to buy wholesale sweets and candy shops in Nairobi is also discussed in the article. Keep reading to find out how to start a candy shop business from home in Kenya. 

To operate a successful and profitable sweets business in Kenya, you will depend on the following four conventions:

  • A practical business plan with a detailed and solid foundation.
  • Dedication to accomplish your goals.
  • Technical skills.
  • Basic knowledge of management, record keeping, finance and market analysis. 

Because food and sweets fall under the same category, it is important that you understand and abide by the laws of Kenya that govern the production and sale of food. If you are commercially licensed to sell candy/sweets online then this article is also useful for you. 

If you are just starting a sweets business and you are at the stage where you are testing out recipes, it is advised that you start by distributing locally. You can start within your neighbourhood by setting up a kiosk outside your home. You can also sell at festivals This will help you get experience in interacting with customers and learn how to handle problems associated with starting a business. This will also give you firsthand feedback about your sweets business. Experts advise that you start small because it lets you know on time if your business will be successful. So when you go online to sell you are confident about the trajectory of your business. 

The only downside to starting a candy business locally is that you are only going to get a feel for peoples taste locally. People’s tastes may be very different when you start selling online or commercially. 

So, the first step is to think big and start small. At this stage you have the opportunity to perfect your candy recipe, your packaging, and labeling before you move on to selling online and commercially.  

Where to buy wholesale sweets in Nairobi

If you want to buy wholesale sweets in Nairobi you can check online at www.dessertcart.co.ke. You can buy a variety of wholesale candy products online from this store at great prices. There are more stores online where you can buy sweets on wholesale, these include: 

  • On yellowpageskenya.com you can find some wholesale shops like Kigaki Candy Shop.
  • Candy dealers at shopit.co.ke
  • Kenyan chocolate suppliers and manufacturers at go4worldbusiness.com
  • Mr Berry – Mzuri Sweets at mzurisweets.com
  • Monty’s Kenya Limited at www.montyskenya.com
  • Candy Land in Nairobi

There are also candy shops that you can visit in person such as Saifee Candy Shop located at Syedna Mohammed Burhannuddin Rd, Kigaki Candy Shop at Syedna Mohammed Burhannuddin Rd, Worldwide candy wholesalers, best buy commodities, Sweet street confectionery and many more. There are so many candy shops in Nairobi so you have a lot of options. 

Candy shop business plan

The candy manufacturing industry generates over $20 billion annually and has produced many successful entrepreneurs, so it is a highly profitable and marketable business. To start your candy shop in Kenya, it is very important that you plan your sweets business. The first thing you need to do is to form your sweets business into a legal entity, then register it for taxes. If you want to sell online you should open up a business bank account and set up accounting for your sweets business. You must also get all the necessary licenses and permits required. Getting insurance is important to protect your business. Finally, define your brand and create your website if you are deciding to sell online. 

A concise and clear business plan is essential for the success of your candy business. It will help you map out the business and discover any uncertainties that you may encounter. Some important things to consider in your business plan include the startup and ongoing costs, your target market, the amount you will charge your customers, and the name of your candy business. 

If you are ready to set up your candy store commercially, once you have created your business plan you will have an idea of what type of building fits your needs. Some confectioners house their facilities for making treats in one location while others choose to have a separate facility. The location of your store is really important and can play a part in how marketable your business can be. After choosing your location make sure it can get you a lot of foot traffic and has ample parking. 

The ongoing expenses for a candy store include your product and inventory costs, rent, insurance, electricity, labor and payroll taxes. 

Is a candy business profitable? 

In America, the average person consumes almost 24 pounds of candy annually. Profit is earned based on revenue generated. As a candy store owner you make money when customers visit your store online or in person and then select items to purchase. You will make your profit from each sale of candy. You can choose to partner with owners of other small businesses. 

To yield higher earnings candy store owners can do the following: 

  • For customers who want to host events you can provide your services to them outside of your business place. You can also accept custom orders for this. 
  • Offer treats seasonally
  • Offer gift candy baskets 
  • Include a delivery service
  • Sell frozen yogurts or ice cream 
  • Sell wholesale sweets to restaurants, local grocers and other food stores. 
  • Host private events and birthday parties
  • Invite children into your facility for field trips 
  • Host sweet-making classes

The name of your sweet business is very important. If you don’t already have a name make sure you choose a name that is marketable. Start by brainstorming 4 to 5 potential names with the goal of coming up with a catchy and creative name. Then ask people around like friends, family and neighbors, what they think is the most catchy name for your sweets business. Next, it is very important that you secure your domain name before someone does.  

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