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Trucks for sale in Zimbabwe – where can I find them?

Trucks are among the most powerful vehicles on the road since they are built to convey the largest objects ever created or produced. A truck is a vehicle used to transport freight, carry certain payloads, or perform other jobs. Trucks exist in a variety of sizes, power, and combinations, but the vast majority are designed on a body-on-frame basis with a cabin distinct from the vehicle’s payload. Smaller variations may mechanically resemble some automobiles. Waste trucks, fire trucks, concrete mixers, and suction excavators are examples of commercial vehicles that can be fairly large and strong, and they can be adapted to carry specific equipment. In American English, a commercial vehicle without a trailer or additional articulation is referred to as a “straight truck,” but one built specifically to tow a trailer is referred to as a “tractor.” If it has to travel by road, it will be transported by truck, whether it be animals, boats, machinery, equipment, or produce. Trucks are also developed to move enormous amounts of hard drives between Amazon offices because it is faster to transport data this way. So, regardless of what you think of them, driving trucks retains a certain vitality and objectivity.

Types of Trucks

Based on the size, we have the following types of trucks;

Ultra-light Trucks

These are generally utilized for off-highway use on estates, golf courses, and parks, and are often created as versions of golf vehicles with internal combustion or battery electric motors. While not suited for highway usage, certain versions may be approved as moderate speed cars for street use, usually as a body modification of a local electric vehicle.

Very Light Trucks

Many mini-trucks are factory redesigns of light vehicles, generally with monocoque bodywork, and are popular in Europe and Asia. Specialized versions with hefty frames, like the Italian Piaggio pictured below, are based on Japanese designs (in this case by Daihatsu) and are popular in European towns with small lanes. Regardless of their name, these little vehicles are useful for a variety of tasks. They are governed in Japan by the Kei car rules, which provide vehicle owners with a tax credit if they purchase a smaller, less powerful vehicle (currently, the engine is limited to 660 cc displacement). These vehicles can be employed as on-road utility vehicles and can also compete with off-road ATVs, and import restrictions mandate that these mini trucks have a 25 mph (40 km/h) speed governor since they are categorized as low-speed vehicles. Construction, major campuses (government, academic, and industrial), agriculture, cattle ranches, amusement parks, and golf cart replacements have all used these vehicles.

Medium Trucks

The medium truck is larger than the light truck but smaller than the heavy truck. They are categorized as weighing between 13,000 and 33,000 tonnes in the United States (5.9 and 15.0 t). The weight for the UK and the EU is between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes (7,700 to 16,500 tonnes). Local delivery and public service vehicles (such as dump trucks, trash trucks, and fire trucks) are often of this size.

Heavy Trucks

Heavy trucks, often known as Class 8, are the biggest vehicles on the road. Heavy dump trucks, concrete pump trucks, and garbage carrying are just a few examples, as are the common long-haul 4×2 and 6×4 tractor units.

The axle weight has a quick effect on road damage and wear. The quantity of road wear is also influenced by the number of steering axles and the suspension type. A six-axle truck may carry a maximum weight of 44 t (97,000 tonnes) or more in many countries with decent roads.

Off-road Trucks

Off-road trucks include both standards, extra-heavy-duty highway-legal trucks with off-road features like a front driving axle and special tires for applications like logging and construction, as well as purpose-built off-road vehicles without weight restrictions, such as the Liebherr T 282B mining truck.

Based on usage, we have the following trucks;

Pickup Trucks

A pickup is just a truck with an open box and a separate frame/cab. Pickups are built on trucks, are constructed of two sections, and have a larger interior room, according to Car Throttle. They’re a smaller version of a truck that’s ideal for families or small enterprises. Pickup vehicles include little, mid-sized, full-sized, and even heavy-duty trucks. Pickup trucks have the benefit of being able to pull, transport, and carry a variety of items regularly. Because you can carry stuff into a truck that you couldn’t in a car’s passenger compartment, pickups may be more helpful than regular cars. There’s also no need to give up passenger space to transport the goods. A pickup, unlike a standard truck, is not large enough to undertake huge towing duties or freight for heavy jobs. Pickup trucks are more of a family or daily vehicle, while a standard truck may be used for business or commercial reasons.

Cement trucks

A cement truck, also known as a concrete mixer, is a vehicle that is equipped with a concrete mixer. It transfers the mixing equipment to the relevant sites. The rotating equipment makes concrete by mixing cement and water and pouring it into the appropriate areas. These may be found on the ground, in particular moulds, and so forth. Due to continual motion, the equipment enables the cement to remain in its liquid condition for a longer amount of time, providing it with higher quality and longer usage term than if it were kept in situ. The cement is normally released from the back, and it is mixed in a steel or fibreglass drum.

Crane Trucks

Crane trucks and mobile cranes are trucks that have a crane that is operated by a cable. It’s attached to crawlers. They’re built for portability and need little to no setup or assembly. The hook is normally hung by a wire rope on these vehicles. Hydraulic, electric, or internal combustion transmissions are all options. Before the introduction of these devices in 1870, the crane was restricted to a single location and had to be brought to where it was required to work. The introduction of an internal combustion engine in 1922 and the design of a telescopic job was among the many crane advancements throughout the years.

Tow Trucks

A tow truck, also known as a breakdown lorry or a recovery vehicle, is a vehicle that is being towed, improperly parked, disabled, or otherwise indisposed. When a law is breached, an accident occurs, or infrastructure is destroyed, and a vehicle has to be removed from the situation, the truck may be called in. It differs from a car trailer carrier in that it does not carry automobiles for basic transportation; instead, it transports them away from dangerous situations.

Tow trucks were originally established in Tennessee in 1916 when six men using ropes hauled an automobile out of a stream. Vehicles are now recovered from ditches and other similar circumstances using adjustable booms.

Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed truck, often known as a flatbed lorry, is a vehicle with no sides or top that is flat. It permits things to be loaded and unloaded and is used to move extremely big loads that do not need careful or sensitive handling. It is not suitable for items that may be harmed by rain or for very heavy loads that need a great amount of room. The trailer’s bed is just that: entirely flat. Since this is the case, the loads are secured to the ground by ropes. Trucks are often outfitted with hooks, making tying down simpler than tying tight knots. Flatbed trucks are becoming less and less common as of late because improperly attached goods may slip off during shipment. They’ve become an endangered species of once-proud vehicles.

Trucks for Sale in Zimbabwe

If you are based in Zimbabwe and you need any kind of truck for any purpose, here are some platforms where trucks (new and used) are sold;


You can buy brand new or used trucks on the Facebook marketplace; to get these vehicles, go to these Facebook pages. truck for sale  Harare, Zimbabwe, trucks for sale Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. On these Facebook pages, you will find decent trucks that meet your needs


Classifieds is an e-commerce platform solely for trade between Zimbabweans. Most of the items traded here are used items although vendors also use them to sell their brand new products. If you are interested in buying a truck, this is one of the best places to visit. All you have to do is create an account with them, and after that is done, you can navigate the site and search for the truck you want, make contact with the seller, inspect it and pay for it.


Zimcompass is another great platform for acquiring trucks of various categories. It is similar to classifieds in its mode of operation.


Zimloads is one of the best platforms for truck sales and acquisition. It is an online transport logistics company created to meet the needs of individuals and companies seeking items and services related to vehicles, plants, and equipment. Very many transport, plant and equipment companies advertise their services on this platform so you are sure to get the best trucks when you use the platform. All you have to do is request specific details of what you want and they will notify the companies that can deliver it. You will then have to pick any company of your choice.


If you need a platform that has a very wide range of trucks to choose from, Autoworld has to be your best bet. At Autoworld, you can find every kind of brand new truck to suit your purpose; there are also used trucks for sale but these used trucks are as good as new. They also have quality spare parts as well.

2 Tonnes and 7 Tonnes trucks for sale in Zimbabwe

The 2 tonnes and 7 tonnes trucks are very popular in Zimbabwe and are primarily used by individuals for agricultural purposes or commercially for the transportation of heavy equipment from one location to another. These trucks (the 2 tonnes and 7 tonnes) can be purchased from any of the outlets mentioned earlier in this article. (Facebook, Zimloads, Autoworld, and so on.). The 2 tonnes and 7 tonnes trucks usuall will meet user requirement or purpose.


The importance of trucks can not be overemphasized especially because of the load of tasks they can execute, so the need to know where to get anyone that suits one’s interest is paramount.

So if you are looking to get a small pickup truck for your family needs or a cement truck for your company, you can head to any of the platforms stated above and be sure to get satisfaction from what you will acquire.

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