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Why Is My Debit Card Declined When I Have Money?

Whether making payments at a POS, paying for online shopping, making withdrawals at the ATM or sending money, a major issue when carrying out debit card transactions is the card declining even when the card owner has money in the card. 

There are so many reasons for debit cards declining at points of transactions.      

The first reason that should come to mind is insufficient funds. When there is no sufficient amount of money to carry out a transaction, the POS or ATM would decline your card and most likely also state the reason for declining as insufficient funds. This may be a reason for the card declining, but if the card owner has confirmed that this is not the reason then the following may be the cause.  

Daily Transaction Limit

You may have reached your daily transaction limit. Banks usually set daily transaction limits on accounts depending on the type of account. For instance, a daily transaction limit of about $500 can be set on a savings account. Once this limit is reached, you will no longer be able to carry out transactions for the day until the following day. These limits are set for security purposes to avoid a stolen card, perhaps, from being used to spend on outrageous amounts of money. It is not recommended by banks to increase this limit but if need be, you should contact your bank to increase this limit as you wish.             

Incorrect PIN

An input of an incorrect transaction PIN may be the cause of your debit card being declined when you have money. It is normal for one to confuse or get their transaction PIN wrong especially if you own several debit cards. Of course, you have to put in the right PIN for a transaction to go through successfully. Too many transaction attempts with the wrong PIN may eventually lead to the card getting blocked. 

Expired Debit Card

Another reason you may have money on your card but it keeps declining is that the debit card may have expired. Debit cards usually last two to three years after the manufacturing date. The expiry date is engraved in the debit card. After this given date, all transactions to be made with the debit card would not be successful.            

Wrong Information 

To make payments online, especially after online shopping, we need to input our debit card or credit card information. With the wrong card information put in, the payment process would not go through. You may have put the wrong card number, CVC or card expiry date on the website. You should go through the information and ensure it is accurate before proceeding to make payments. 

Technical or Connectivity Issues

One issue that may mostly also be the cause is technical or connection problems. Internet connectivity is not always the best so during downtimes, a lot of things like making transactions online may not work. It could also be that your bank is experiencing some downtime due to system upgrades at the time you need to make payments. This can happen also when making payments at the POS. This is a common reason why your card is being declined when you have money.                                     

Card Not Activated

If you have just made a new account at the bank and received a new debit card or you have just recently renewed your debit card, the card may not have been activated yet thereby causing your transactions to not work. Your card would keep declining even when you have money. New debit cards should be activated at the bank before moving on to carry out transactions with it as it would not work.                                          

Damaged Card

Using a damaged card to make payments at a POS or ATM would most likely not be successful. The part of the card the machine is supposed to read to collect data may be damaged. This of course would have your card declined when you have money in it. It is advised you request and get a new card from the bank once the one you have is damaged.                           

Unacceptable Card Type

Different banks make use of different card types like Verve, Visa, Maestro and MasterCard. Not all of these card types are accepted on every website or point of payment at a store. It could be that the reason your card gets declined when you have money is that the type of card you own is not acceptable to carry out payments at that particular store or website. You may need to make use of another card with a different card type.                              

Unable To Use Card In A Country 

If you are on a holiday or business trip in a different country, it is not likely that you would be able to use your debit card in that particular country. This may cause your card to not be accepted to make payments, especially if the money you have on the card is not in the same currency as the one in the country you are in. You should research or contact your bank for other means of payment in that country.            

Mistake By Vendor

A case of a vendor putting in incorrect details on the POS, for instance, could be a reason why your debit card gets declined. For example, A vendor could have put in a current account instead of a savings account or the wrong amount of money on the POS machine. This would lead to Your debit card getting declined. In the case that the wrong amount of money is more than the amount present in your bank account, the POS machine would decline the card stating that you have insufficient funds to carry out the transaction.       

Card Blocked By Joint Account Holder

You may share an account with a family member, friend or partner to which just one card is issued. If the card is declined when there is money in the card, the joint account holder may have deactivated or blocked the card for many reasons. You should share your experience with the person and find out what the reason is for the card getting declined to confirm if they had anything to do with it.             

Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity 

Banks usually may block or put restrictions on cards belonging to bank accounts that they have noticed suspicious activity from. The reason could be that:       

  • The bank may have marked a transaction as fraudulent and would like to look into it thereby blocking the card for the time being.         
  • The bank may have noticed strange international purchases made with the card.        
  • Other suspicious or fraudulent transactions have been attached to the bank account.             

Additional Information Required 

Especially when making payments online, you need to input almost or all your card information. If you are short of any information or have it wrong, the payment process may not be successful. 

These are the most common reasons for your debit card declining when you have money in your bank account. 

PNC Debit Card Declined For No Reason

If you have had trouble with your PNC debit card declining when you have money, you should consider the possible reasons for this issue above. You may have reached your daily transaction limit, input the wrong PIN or card information, have insufficient funds to carry out payment, have a damaged card, have an inactive card and so on. It could also simply be that PNC bank is experiencing downtime, or you are experiencing a bad internet connection to make transactions.                                  

If you have confirmed all of this and you think your PNC debit card has declined for no reason, it is recommended that you contact the PNC bank 24/7 customer service either by phone, the mobile app or email. Whichever way is best for you.                            

The PNC customer service should be able to help you out with finding out the cause of your PNC debit card getting declined. The reason may turn out to be something that can easily be resolved in a couple of hours or days. It may also be a case that would require investigation for a while by the bank. It is advised to be patient throughout the process. 

Once the issue is resolved, your PNC debit card should function just as fine to carry out day to day transactions under the daily limit put on your bank account. 

Jakub Borowiec
Jakub Borowiec
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