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Jason Bond trading reviews – is it a scam?

All training courses have a common denominator – the coaches  want to earn money. The ubiquitous internet allows one to create the image of an expert, even if you are not an expert. The temptation of easy earning has caused there to be many worthless courses. Thousands of people believe that they can earn a lot of money without basic knowledge. Life isn’t colorful and you can be chagrined if you invest your money in a course without doing your research thoroughly . 

One of such courses is Jason Bond course. One author of the many available courses online is Jason Bond. Who is Jason Bond and why does he do it? He refers to  himself as a trader who started with debts. He offers two plans that they will make you a billionaire.  History shows us that many billionaires earned their wealth due to stock exchange. A perfect example is Warren Buffett who became one of the richest people   in the world. Let’s get back to Jason Bond. What exactly does he offer? His  primary offers are an annual plan and an unlimited one . Let’s check what we can get: 

Two plans from Jason Bond Services:

course plan

Jason’s Scanner

On the website “JasonBondPicks.com” we’ll find very little information about this product. The principle of operation is easy – we can research  which stocks have  the biggest potential. 

Value according to Janson: 397$

Education Vault

Interestingly enough Jason has  been a teacher in an elementary school. Did this experience give him anything? It is definitely something that can be used for marketing. Education Vault is a guideline on the stock exchange. We can’t be good at trading  without elementary knowledge. You have to know what volatility, market cap, trading volume, rate of return are. 

In this field Jason Bond is doing well. In Education Vault we find quizzes which  check our knowledge on  given issues. So allow me to capsulize this product in one sentence. We get the actual course that explains the basic issues of the financial market.

Value according to Jason: 497$

Jason’s Daily Watchlist

Being up-to-date  in the financial market is an obligation if we don’t want to lose our money. Prime lending rate, unemployment rate, inflation rate and a lot of other rates have an influence on the stock prices. 

Jason’s Daily Watchlist is a newsletter that gives us information about the market and what we should do in that  situation. 

Value according to Janson: 597$

On his website we also find a free ebook “Momentum Hunter”. There are   many technical analyses  there. Traders divide into two groups. The  first group believes in technical analysis, the second doesn’t – opinions are divided. If you are keen on basic analysis like the fish hook formation or the descending triangle you can read this ebook. Momentum Hunter has  83 pages and it’s easy to understand because of  its use of simple  vocabulary . 

Jason Bond – scam or not? 

First of all we have to answer one important question – Is Jason Bond  a scammer? Social proof in running a business is very important. Reviews on Jason’s website are not legit and they don’t hold   any value for us. Everyone can add any review they want, it’s obvious.

Internet users are able to find a murderer by the color of the vacuum cleaner so there is nothing to hide  on the internet. If we write “Jason Bond scam” in Google we get a lot  of information about this issue. First of all – Jason Bond is not a scammer, but his service department is low quality. He offers a 30-day money back guarantee – many of his customers have had a problem with getting a refund for the  annual or unlimited plan.  So he is called a “ scammer” or  “ fraud” because of his refund problems. One thing is certain, if we buy his service we really get what we want. But is this valuable to us? More  about this later on in this article. 

Jason Bond – Reddit reviews

Reddit users savage Jason Bond’s service. Many comments tell us that Jason Bond is a scammer and that it’s a waste of time. Edmund from Reddit commented that Jason  doesn’t make money  from  trading, but  from  selling course. Why does he sell courses when he is effective in trading?

Link to topic: /r/StockMarket/comments/co011v/jason_bond_picks_legit_or_scam_need_your_opinions/

Jason bond reddit reviews

It was a puzzle for ages. I figure it’s about the source of income. Diversification in our life is very important. If you hit rough weather in the stock exchange you have  another source of income from your stock services or courses. Why do people on reddit.com not  like Jason Bond? History has shown that many coaches on reddit want  to earn on reddit users.  They offer  services without experience and provide  fake proofs. It is understandable that the attitude of these users is what it is.

“Jason bond picks” has mediocre  reviews. Is Jason  Bond legit? In our opinion, he  is a legit person but  his course isn’t worth the price.  

Jason Bond net worth

We like to breathe down somebody’s neck and know everything about everyone. It’s said  that humans’ curiosity is natural. What is  Jason  Bond worth? According to Financhill.com he made about 25 million dollars on trading and his net worth is about 5 million dollars. We are certain that he made more than half of his money selling courses. 

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Jakub Borowiec
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